Mittwoch, 25. März 2009

New York

Hey everyone!

So after a long flight I finally arrived my first destination. New York! This city is awesome! If you never been here you you missed something! I will stay here for 4 days and after that I travel to my Universty in USA. Kettering University in Flint, Michigan.

Here are some pics about NYC and my flight.

My airplane to Madrid

P.S.: That' s a picture of the weather
in Madrid 20° / sunny.
How is the weather in Germany?

My stopover in Madrid.

After I arrived JFK Airport in New York, I decided to travel to my hostel by subway. To take take the cap was to expensive.


Late at night Nico and Manu woke me up to tell me a big suprise. They got tickets for the New York Knicks. That were great news cause I always want to see a NBA Basketball game.

L Hostel in Harlem

My bed in a 14 man bedroom

1st in New York

On the first day we do a lot of sightseeing. We took the ferry to Liberty Island to watch the Green Lady. After that went went to Time Square and the Central Park. You can believe me this city is awesome.

Us at Liberty Island

September the 11th memorial

Nico & Manu take the bull by his horns!

Time Square

Me at the water reservation in Central Park

2nd Day New York City

This evening we went to a basketball match of the New York Knicks against the Los Angeles Clippers. It was really great fun! The Madison Square Garden is very impressive and it was an awesome game. At the beginning it seemed like the Clippers would had no chance, but they got back into the game so we had the chance to see a overtime. In the first half the atmosphere in the hall was not so good but at the end the Garden transformed into a boiling pot!
Unfortunately the Clippers won the game 140:135 but we had fun anyway. More about the amazing evening below.

In front of the Madison Square Garden


The Growd

The Cheerleaders

Crazy german fans

Final Score

Last day in NYC

Thursday was our last day in NYC. After a little shopping tour and a trip to Staten Island we went out in the evening with some other guys from out hostel. Unfortunately we lost Nico & Manu in the subway. We didn't catch find them so we decide to do the club trip without them. First we start with a little bar called Continental. Special offer this day was 5 shots/ 10$ what is really cheap for New York. Normally you have to pay for one beer 7 to 9$. So you see it was a good place to start the evening. After the bar we went to a club called webster hall. This club was crazy. On the main floor the crowd was dancing like in a MTV Hip Hop clip. So we had a lot of fun this evening. (Pics comming soon!)

Let's go to Flint

After a 14 hour roadtrip with a stopover in Cleveland, Ohio we finally arrived in Flint. But before we colud move to our apartments we had to stay in Thompson Hall (a dorm) for 6 days.

Mittwoch, 18. März 2009


Hi everyone!

As you know I will go to America for up to 7 months. I had the luck to be choosen for an exchange at Kettering University in Flint, Michigan. If you want to know what I (we, thats my colleagues Nico & Manu) will do during this time, can you read here.

Furthermore I decided to write this blog in english and keep it quite short.
I hope you enjoy reading this blog.


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